Let us help optimize your advertising campaigns

MADZER optimization tool provides Relevant, Targeted and Engaging campaign performance for Mobile, Web and App Advertising.

MADZER helps you connect brands with their target consumers at the moments that matter most – increasing relevance for both consumers and brands. Our main focus is to help advertisers deliver relevant marketing messages for their customers at the right place and time in their own media or in their media networks.

This Is What You Can Do

Optimize Your Budget

Never spend a cent on advertising that does not reach your target audience

Optimize Your Location

Run your campaign at the best time of day and day of the week for your ideal location

Optimize Your ROI

Target the highest ROI mobile users for every campaign

Campaign Management

Easy-to-use web based user interface

Optimize Your Message

Reach the right audience by right marketing message


Advanced targeting options helps you find the right customers in the right palace at the right time

This Is What You Will Get

Better Service For Customers

MADZER changes traditional advertising into service

Find Local Customers

MADZER enables running the campaign at the right place

Boost Your Sales

MADZER drives local customers to your business

100% control

MADZER enables end-to-end real time control through the whole campaign workflow

Real-time Online Statistics

MADZER's own advanced dashboard shows all the statistic in real time

Do not Waste Your Time

MADZER enables quick changes for your campaign

In Short

Set Your Zone

Choose your area where you want to run the campaign

Set Time

Choose your day and time when the campaign starts and ends


Manage your marketing message in real time


Understand your campaign performance through real time statistics


Better Service For Your Customers

Using MADZER your customers receive better service compared to normal everyday annoying advertising

Global Reach

Wherever your business is MADZER helps reach more customers

For all devices

By using modern responsive web technology, MADZER support all devices